【Please Read Before You Send Friend Request to TJR】


To Musicians Want To Become A Member of TJR

We grant our memberships only to:

(1) Professional Jazz musicians outside Japan, and

(2) Who already became friend of the CEO, Takaaki Kondos FB page below.



What You Must Do Before Send Friend Request

1. Before sending request to TJR, please visit my private FB page below and send "Add Friend" request.


This is because Tokyo Jazz Review is a NPO (
Non-profit Organization) aiming to become a bridge between Jazz musicians outside Japan and Japanese Jazz lovers. All our work is volunteer work for OUR FRIENDS. We appreciate your understanding our stance.

*Note that we will NEVER accept your friend request to TJR if you skip this process.


2. Once your request is accepted, please send friend request to TJR.

(1) We will visit your FB page and check your profile. If we cannot confirm you are professional musician, we immediately reject your friend request.

(2) We already have some great and legendary Jazz musicians as our members. Therefore we perform review of the applicants in a strict manner based on our internal criteria.

We will welcome your request if you meet the above conditions. Thank you in advance and peace & blessings to you and your family.

All the best,

Takaaki Kondo

Chief Executive Officer

Tokyo Jazz Review Inc.