Tokyo Jazz Review – Rules and Regulations

1. Objective

Tokyo Jazz Review Inc. (“TRJ” hereinafter) is a Non-profit Organization (“NPO” hereinafter) aiming to become a “bridge” between Jazz musicians outside Japan and Japanese Jazz lovers.

Our goal is to make TJR the best and the largest non-Japanese Jazz musicians’ organization (something like a "Musician's Union") so that the members can enjoy fair benefit in Japanese Jazz world. I strongly believe it eventually benefit to Japanese Jazz lovers.

To Support member TRJ:

A. Posting a review on the official website and Facebook page of TRJ to introduce the CD(s) of member musicians
B. Support to distribute the CD(s) by members in Japan
C. Support to expand the distribution channel of the CDs by members in Japan

TRJ is NOT a prompter and we have NOT any connection with Japanese promoters. TRJ does not support members for your concert in Japan.

2. Membership

TRJ grants memberships only to a person who meet the following conditions.
A. Professional Jazz musicians based outside Japan, and
B. Who already became friend of the CEO, Takaaki Kondo (“the CEO” hereinafter)’s FB page below.

In order to obtain membership the applicant should do:

A. Before sending request to TJR, visit the CEO’s FB page below and send "Add Friend" request.

This is because Tokyo Jazz Review is a NPO and all service are rendered as volunteer work for a friend of the CEO on Facebook.

A.1 TRJ NEVER accept your friend request if you skip this process.

B. Once your request is accepted by the CEO, you should send Add Friend request to TJR.

C. Screening by TRJ
After that:
(1) TRJ visit your FB page and check your profile. If TRJ cannot confirm you are professional musician, we immediately reject your friend request.
(2) TRJ already has some great and legendary Jazz musicians as members. Therefore TRJ perform review of the applicants in a strict manner based on TRJ’s internal criteria.

3. Disk Review

Members who want to have your Disk Review by TRJ, you have to:

A. Send a message to Tokyo Jazz Review to the attention to the CEO to ask for approval.
B. If you obtain approval you have to mail a "physical CD", instead of digital download, to the designated mailing address of TRJ (we will let you know).

* This is because the Japanese Jazz fans are particular about the sound quality of the CD. They NEVER purchase MP3 download, instead they purchase the physical CD. Therefore the review must include the rating of its sound quality. Thus the reviewer needs a physical CD.

4. Distribute the CD(s) by Members in Japan


Members who want to distribute the CD(s) in Japan have to:

A. Send a message to Tokyo Jazz Review to the attention to the CEO to ask for approval.
B. If you obtain approval you have to mail a "physical CD", instead of digital download, to the designated mailing address of TRJ (we will let you know) so that we will mail the CD(s) to the distributors with a recommendation letter by the CEO.

We don’t guarantee the distributor to sell your CD(s) even if they receive the CD(s). 
Normally it takes 3 - 6 months for the distributors to make final decision as to whether they sell the CD(s). 


Once we mail the CD(s) and letters our mission is completed. After that we will NEVER push the distributors. YOU should do it if you want as we CC you the email to the distributors. If you push us, we immediately disqualify your membership. You should contact with the distributors to follow up.

If you want to mail your CD(s) back to you, YOU must contact and ask the distributors. We NEVER contact the distributors.

As TRJ is NPO and we are supporting the members as a FRIEND. We only contact with the members but we NEVER contact with non-members such as your manager.

5. Right of Members

Members can freely post updates, You Tube videos on the timeline of TRJ. The CEO has 1,100 and more Japanese FB friends and they are all exuberant Jazz fans. They are watching the timeline of TRJ and enjoying get the most updated information.

TRJ has strong advantage to the other Japanese Jazz magazines, that (1) the updates is most early and (2) the information is provided directly from the musicians. Please utilize this strength to the maximum.

6. Settlement of Disputes

If there is a conflict between members and TRJ including the CEO and/or employees of TRJ:

A. To keep transparency and fairness whole conversation including the statements by members is disclosed on the timeline of TRJ.
B. The judgment is made by the Legal Division of TRJ.

7. Disqualifications of Membership

TRJ can disqualify the membership anytime provided the following conditions are satisfied:

A. The member’s behavior and/or statement are not appropriate as a member of TRJ
B. The CEO and/or other employees report to Legal Division of TRJ
C. The Head of Legal Division determines it not appropriate to disqualify the membership
D. The CEO approves the decision of The Head of Legal Division

A. The CEO declare the disqualification of the membership on the timeline of TRJ and,
B. The CEO reports the member who disqualified the membership directory by sending message to the member

The member does not have a right to appeal a ruling.

TRJ has no obligation to disclose the reason for disqualification to the member and other members

8. Reform of the “Rules and Regulations”

TRJ has a right to reform the “Rules and Regulations” anytime based on the CEO’s approval.


9. Effective Date

The “Rules and Regulations” is effective as of January 1st, 2012.

Takaaki Kondo
Chief Executive Officer
Tokyo Jazz Review Inc.