【Phos Duo - The Lost Sessions: Cassandra (S. Amiris)】

Phos Duo - The Lost Sessions: Cassandra (S. Amiris)

Cassandra, according to Homer, was a very beautiful woman from the ancient Troy, sister of Paris. She was so beautiful that God Apollo had proposed to her, but she declined, making Apollo very angry. So he gave her a gift, albeit a cursed one: She would know everything which was to transpire in the future, but (and here comes the curse) nobody would believe her. And so her life was one of the most tragic lives ever documented in truth or fiction, tragic in the ancient greek sense, of the impending tragedy that is impossible to avoid. 


This piece was composed for her.


The initial seed that gave the inspiration for this piece was a hauntingly beautiful Stasimon, "Katolofeiromai" by Evripides, composed around 408 BC, a piece of pure genius in my humble opinion.


Technically speaking, the piece is very challenging, both technically and rhythmically. It is basically a study in quintuplets, septuplets and the polyrhythm 7:5, with all sorts of groupings in both rhythmic subdivisions, both individually and simultaneously. I have played it in public only once with Antonis and Spyros Panagiotopoulos on drums, in SGT.


The piece basically wrote itself out in the basic parts. The details are a work in progress, and will probably remain so for the duration of my life.


Thank you, and I do hope you enjoy it!


-Sami Amiris -