【Beppe Di Benedetto 5tet - See The Sky】(2011) ★★★★

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By Takaaki Kondo, Tokyo Jazz Review




マリオ・ビオンディの録音にも参加しているイタリアの俊英トロンボーン奏者Beppe Di Benedetto のクインテット作品です。メンバー全員が実生活でも親友同士であり、2005年結成以来研鑽を積み重ねてきた同グループの初リーダー作です。ハードバップにファンク・テイストを織り込んだスタイリッシュで爽快でサウンドが心地良いです。Beppe Di Benedettoの豊かな音色で良く歌うフレージングも素晴らしいです


Beppe Di Benedetto (tb)

Emiliano Vernizzi (ts,ss)

Luca Savazzi (p)

Stefano Carrara (b)

Alessandro Lugli (ds)


(Track List)

1. See the sky

2. Back to the past

3. Colours

4. Riga

5. it's for you

6. Summerbossa

7. Zane

8. TST Funk

9. The Bear


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Beppe di Benedetto 5tet - See the sky



Beppe Di Benedetto 5tet was founded in 2005. See The Sky, the quintet's first album containing original music composed by trombonist Beppe Di Benedetto, produced by the record label TRJ Records, was released on the italian and international market in November 2011 and has attained high acclaim from both, the audience and the specialized critics. The project carries on the tradition of American jazz filtered and enriched by the Italian melody and Mediterranean sounds. There emerges a great need to play (…) this transpires from the ample spaces left to the soloist flights and a light fingered scripture, studied to guarantee fluidity to the interpreters’ phrasing, even if there is no lack of refined background to the whole unison.



“It’s for you” becomes the synthesis of the entire disk and clearly embodies the idea of a type of jazz which on the one hand is close to tradition but is also able to pick up what is happening in the present and to extract ideas from this and help find its own expression.

– Jazz Convention


Benedetto has a graceful touch on trombone, which sometimes can elbow other instruments out of the way, but here, he’s a seamless part of the quintet. Also, the compositions just flat out rock; tunes that soar and tunes that sway. (…) About a month after first listening to this album, I find myself returning to it repeatedly. A great album when I need some music with plenty of life to it.

– All About Jazz


See the Sky was placed by Dave Sumner (one of the editors of All About Jazz USA) between 30 best albums of the year 2012.

- Jazz World Quest