【Walbum/Maintz Brazilian Quintet - Copenhagen - São Paulo】(2013) ★★★☆

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By Takaaki Kondo, Tokyo Jazz Review

デンマーク出身で当地で活動するJazz Pianist, Thomas Walbum。バークリーで学んだガチガチのJazz Pianistです。こんな(↓)Piano Trio作品で彼の「硬派な」プレイが聴けます。



で、何を思ったのか、彼が中心となってLatiun Albumを作っちゃった。「北欧人のLatin Album?どうしちゃったの?」って思いました。思いますよね?しかし、私FBを始めて北欧のJazz Musicianと友達になって初めて知りました。意外や意外、北欧ではBossa NovaとかBrazilianといったLatin音楽がとっても人気があるそうです。ちょっとイメージが違いますよね。寒いから熱帯に憧れるのかな?(笑)『北欧熱帯Jazz楽団』?(笑)

で、このアルバム。完全にBrazilinです。『Brazil音楽に北欧の香りを吹き込んで~』ナンてことは一切ナシ。ガチです。ガチのLatinです。現地の有名Musicianと共演しています。録音もBrazilSao Paulo!一体どこまで行ってんじゃい!(笑)本当に好きなのね。で、Thomas自身もこのアルバムを非常に気に入ってまして......。まぁ「面白いなぁ」ってとこですかね(笑)



Thomas Walbum(piano)
THOMAS WALBUM (piano) has toured the world extensively (Europe, Japan, Brazil, China, Australia, USA), searching for collaborations with musicians from cultures quite different to his own. He has toured Brazil four times playing with different groups; Walbum/Maintz Brazilian Quintet, Thomas Walbum Trio, Anissa Damali Bernasconi Quartet, ao. He also held clinics at Souza Lima Conservatory in S
ão Paulo. He holds a Masters Degree from Berklee/Boston Conservatory in Boston, USA, as well as a degree from The Rhythmic Conservatory of Music, Copenhagen, Denmark.


Thomas Maintz

THOMAS MAINTZ (acoustic guitars) was nominated for a Danish Music Award 2010 Jazz album of the year. The Cadence Magazin (US) wrote: This Danish guitarist has crafted a winner and will be another name to look out for in the future. And Denmarks leading national jazz magazine had this to say about the album: a generous gift to jazz aficionados everywhere, on both a national and international level. Thomas Maintz holds a degree from The Rhythmic Conservatory of Music, Copenhagen, Denmark.


Sizão Machado

SIZÃO MACHADO (double bass) Creator of a unique musical language that goes far beyond the realm of his instrument, the bass Sizão Machado is internationally recognized for his performances alongside Chet Baker, Herbie Mann, Elis Regina, Jim Hall, Chico Buarque, Dori Caymmi, Djavan , Milton Nascimento, Dionne Warwick, Ivan Lins, Joyce, Flora Purim and Airto Moreira, Roberto Menescal, Night Illustrated, Jean Paul & Garfunkel, Family Jobim, Paulo César Pinheiro, Paul Winter, Hendrick Merkins and many others.

Sizão participated on recordings of more than one hundred albums with various national and international artists.


PIRULITO (percussion) has played with Alcione, Djavan, Ivan Lins, Dionne Warwick, Batacotô, Emilio Santiago, Beth Carvalho and many moreA percussionist highly respected in the world of samba, Luis Fernando Mattos de Oliveira has inscribed his name in the gallery of elite musicians. However, his baptismal name was only for documents. Still a boy he gained a nickname that became his stage name: Pirulito (lollipop). And simply because he liked the Lollipop Zorro and came to have ten in each pocket. Friends did not miss the chance and Luis Fernando turned Pirulito. Forever. The artist Pirulito.


Carlos Ezequiel

CARLOS EZEQUIEL (drums) is from Sao Paulo, Brazil. He holds a busy schedule and has been touring with various group around the Globe. He is a teacher at the Souza Lima Conservatory in Brazil, and has been conducting clinics at many schools in Europe and Asia. Carlos has played in the United States, India, Europe, Argentina, Peru, and all over Brazil. As a sideman he has performed with American artists Kurt Rosenwinkel and David Liebman, with European artists Ronan Guilfoyle, Pekka Pylkkanen, Greg Burk, and Thomas Fonnesbaek, and with Brazilian artists, Nelson Faria, Rogério Souza, Daniel DAlcântara, and Jurandir Santana.

(Track List)

1. Shortcut

2. Nightmind

3. Northern Hemisphere

4. Take Off

5. Time To Lose

6. Funky Monday

7. Caipirinha

8. Times Gone By

Recorded on December 4 & 5, 2010 @ BRC Studio, Sao Paulo, Brazil


Official Website

Thomas Walbum

Walbum/Maintz Brazilian Quintet



Thomas Walbum


Walbum/Maintz Brazilian Quintet






EPK (Video & Audio)


Its only been a month since I recommended the amazing debut album Rio en Vermelho e Azul from Morten Ankerfeldt. An album recorded in Brazil with local musicians. Like this album. Guitar payer Thomas Maintz and piano player Thomas Walbum travelled to Brazil to record with local musicians. Is it all the same, then? Well, when it comes to the recommendation from this blog, it is. Musicially its different. Maintz & Walbum is like a drink in the summer breeze while Ankerfeldt is more like a cup of coffee. In the 80ies some American guitar players like Pat Metheny and Lee Ritenour flirted with Braziliean music. They played acoustic jazz guitars like no one else and inspired a whole generation of guitar players. Including Thomas Maintz. Walbum & Maintz has the same light and spontaneous approach to Brazilian music as the one we heard in the 80ies. They stood on the shoulders of fusion jazz, swaying their hips in a joyous dance. The two Danes share the title as composer. In Brazil they found three experienced musician to take care of bass, percussion and drums. Bass player Sizao Machado has collaborated with both Chet Baker and Milton Nascimento. Its the two Danes who are in the spotlight, though. But there is plenty of room left for the Brazilian musicians. When Maintz is playing his acoustic guitar it is a delightful pleasure. He is playing with confidence. Walbums sense of melody makes the music flow all naturally. Walbum & Maintz has made an album which should be the accompanying sound of the good days in life. Bonus info: They will be playing concerts during the summer where you will see them on festivals in Copenhagen and Aarhus, Denmark.

Bonus info: They will be playing concerts during the summer where you will see them on festivals in Copenhagen and Aarhus, Denmark.

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