【Peter Erskine - Joy Luck Club(喜福)】(2011) ★★★★★


(English follows the Japanese)

By Takaaki Kondo

冒頭のトロピカル風サウンドに驚き、同時に、Marimbaを楽しげに操るPeterの恵比須顔を連想しちゃうような明るいピアノトリオアルバムです。タイトルのJoy Luck(喜福)は甥である超絶エレベ奏者、Damian Erskine共演アルバムを自分のレーベルから発売できた喜びを表しているのか?難しい名前のVardan Ovsepian(バルダン・オブセピアン - アルメニア出身の方だそうです) もセンス抜群です


Peter ErskineWEATHER REPORTのメンバーだったんだなあと思わせるフュージョンタッチの曲や、しっとりしたピアノトリオ曲もあり、アルバム全体がバラエティに富んでいて飽きさせません。それはまるでPeter Erskineのキャリアそのもののように多彩です。ポップでもあり前編通して旋律の美しさが引き立っています。ヴィンス・メンドーサの『Esperanca, ボブ・ジェームスの『Iridesence』、『Dr. Kildare』名曲のカバーから映画音楽まで彼らの魅力を余すところなく堪能できます



Peter Erskine: drums, marimba, percussion

Vardan Ovsepian: piano, synthesizers

Damian Erskine: electric bass

Recorded October 1 & 2, 2010

Engineered by Paul Tavenner at Big City Sound; mixed & mastered by Rich Breen Cover art & design by Bob Smith


1. Joy Luck Club

2. On Land, On Sea

3. Man's Dream

4. Esperanca

5. Dr. Kildare

6. Iridesence

7. Something I Said

8. Dreaming Paris

9. I've Never Been In Love Before

10. Every Tomorrow

11. Song for Zoey

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Peter Erskine New Trio (feat. Vardan Ovsepian and Damian Erskine) "Every Tomorrow"


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The Peter Erskine New Trio represents the latest evolution in Peter's musical journey exploring the more intimate realms of improvised music. Pianist and arranger Vardan Ovsepian may prove to be the hottest jazz keyboard discovery in a long time, while electric bassist Damian Erskine (Peter's nephew) brings new luster to the family name. With gorgeous graphics by designer Bob Smith, "Joy Luck" is a joy to behold and hear. The album sports originals, plus covers of tunes by Vince Mendoza, Bob James and Jerry Goldsmith. The album's single is "Joy Luck Club," penned by Peter and it features all three players, including Erskine's marimba-playing debut! Like other Fuzzy Music releases, the audio quality is superb and the music is fresh. While the esthetic standard is uncompromising, this will prove to be one of the more listener-friendly Fuzzy titles.

- Fuzzy Music


Texture is all on Joy Luck, a fine recording that introduces the versatile Vardan Ovsepian on keyboards and arrangements. Buttressed by Erskines nephew Damian on bass, this set sparkles, shimmers, provokes and delights. Each of the 11 tracks tells a story or at least implies one. Take the brooding Dr. Kildare, a Jerry Goldsmith tune that unfolds in stately fashion with Ovsepian at his most magisterial and Erskine at his bluesiest: Ovsepian weaves a mutable improvisation as Erskine fills, then drops back, and then takes over. Simultaneously relaxing and stimulating, this is music as conversation. While Erskine originals dominate, the choice of covers is judicious. Vince Mendozas Esperança gets a jaunty, martial treatment sparked by Ovsepians insidious synth and Erskines rimshots. Erskine plays resonant, sultry marimba on Bob James aptly titled Iridescence, and his brushwork, in sync with Ovsepians sturdy, dappled piano, brings fresh gravity to Frank Loessers Ive Never Been in Love Before. Ovsepians Every Tomorrow, highlighted by Damian Erskines plummy bass, is a stunning showcase for a prodigious technique and a faintly mathematical harmonic sensibility. Ovsepian is one to watch, as is the younger Erskine, whose bittersweet Song for Zoey caps this subtle, thoughtful disc.

- By Carlo Wolff, Jazz Times


Peter Erskines latest album, Joy Luck, showcases the drummers new trio, and a family connection. Peters nephew [and No Treble columnist] Damian Erskine joins his uncle for the first time on an album. Dubbed the Peter Erskine New Trio, the group also includes pianist Vardan Ovsepian. Ive waited for the right time to form a group with my talented nephew, Damian, and the time is now, Peter shares. As one of my students at USC recently told me, No offense, Professor youre, like, famous and all, but the Erskine thats got all of my friends excited is that bass-player one up in PortlandAnd rightfully so.The album features original compositions by each of the trios members, and is a release the band describes as combining the strength of experience with the vitality of youth.
- by Corey Brown, No Treble