【Eliot Zigmund - Breeze】(2008) ★★★★

(English follows the Japanese)

年、ブロンクス生まれのベテラン・ジャズ・ドラマー、エリオット・シグムンド。15歳でプロのミュージシャンとしての活動を開始、その50年を越えるキャリアの中で共演したミュージシャンはジム・ホール、スタン・ゲッツ、ベニー・ゴルソン、リー・コニッツを含め数知れない。特に70年代、ビル・エバンス・トリオでの活躍で知られる。本作"Breeze"の録音は2003年の3月に行なわれたものです。メンバーもいずれ劣らぬ実力者揃い。「I WISH I KNEW」以外はメンバー各自のオリジナルで構成されており、特にZIGMUNDによる「FROM THE BOTTOM UP」、ベースのPHIL PALOMBIによる「WHERE ARE YOU KNOW」は、哀愁のメロディが素晴らしいドライビンなハードバップ!




Eliot Zigmund (drums)

Mike Lee (tenor sax)

Gary Versace (piano)

Phil Palombi (bass)


1. School Night

2. Homeland (Gary Versace)

3. I Wish I Knew (Harry Warren)

4. After (Eliot Zigmund)

5. Breeze (Eliot Zigmund)

6. From the Bottom Up (Eliot Zigmund)

7. For Scott (Phil Palombi)

8. Mathew, in Three

9. Where Are You Now? (Phil Palombi)

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Drummer Eliot Zigmund is the leader on Breeze, but youd never know it. Zigmund has the most compositions, and is a prominent and masterful swinger, yet each contributor (saxophonist Mike Lee, pianist Gary Versace and bassist Phil Palombi) is so crucial that to suggest anyones dominance is folly. Palombi, for example, is the most engaging soloist, adding a layer of intellect to Versaces melancholy ballad Homeland and helming his own enigmatic For Scott with a stunning, idiosyncratic performance. Lee is the best composer; the opening School Night evokes the hard-bop 50s, while his sensitive waltz Mathew, in Three is structurally immaculate, harmonically sumptuous and simply the most memorable tune on the album. Versace shares with Lee the title of most distinctive stylist, but the formers subtlety, equal parts John Lewis and Bill Evans with perhaps a touch of Sicilian piano, brings a light-fingered panache to Breeze. Not one of them, however, can do what they all do together. Its the quartets chemistry that recasts Harry Warrens standard I Wish I Knew with thoughtfulness and a challenging structure, but still retains its Gershwin-esque jaunt. Likewise, theres no separating Zigmunds understated drive from Versace and Palombis sparse touches or Lees wispy soprano line in characterizing the dreamy, bossa-nova title track. Unfortunately Zigmund no longer uses this lineup: Breeze was recorded in 2003. That their meeting of minds has brought us this one brief legacy, though, is splendid.

- By Michael J. West - Jazz Times

Drummer Eliot Zigmund is still likely best known for his tenure in the Bill Evans Trio of the mid-'70s and later work in Michel Petrucciani's trio, though it has been decades since he worked in either group. This is his fourth date as a leader, and he's joined by saxophonist Mike Lee, bassist Phil Palombi, and pianist Gary Versace (whose primary instrument has usually been organ, though he returns to his first instrument on occasion), all of whom contribute originals along with the leader. The leader's compositions include the languid ballad "After" (a great feature for Lee's soulful tenor), the easygoing bossa nova "Breeze" (with Lee on soprano), and the driving post-bop vehicle "From the Bottom Up." Versace penned the melancholy ballad "Homeland" and Lee wrote the strutting opener, "School Night," while Palombi's intricate "For Scott" is obviously a tribute to Scott LaFaro, the promising bass virtuoso in the Evans trio who died far too young. One can hear a bit of Evans' influence in Versace's linear playing in the one standard of the date, "I Wish I Knew." Zigmund's soft-handed touch adds just the right chemistry to each song throughout the session, particularly when he is using brushes.
-  Ken Dryden, All Music



Eliot Zigmund has been a professional musician for over 50 years. A New York City native, steeped in the jazz tradition of the city, he has performed and recorded extensively with such jazz luminaries as Bill Evans, Michel Petrucciani, Jim Hall, Lee Konitz, Benny Golson, Eddie Henderson, Stan Getz, Eddie Gomez, Steve Swallow, Art Lande, Mel Martin, Vince Guaraldi, Richie Beirach, and many others. Eliot is also involved in jazz education, is a former faculty member of both William Paterson University Jazz Studies, NJ, and NYU Jazz Studies, NYC, and currently does workshops and clinics around the world as well as private instruction. In recent years Eliot divides his time between his home in Teaneck, NJ, his gigs in and around NYC, and his touring schedule abroad. Current recording/performing projects include past and ongoing collaborations with saxophonists Pietro Tonolo, Chris Cheek, Emanuele Cisi, Christina von Bulow, pianists Pete Malinverni, Alan Broadbent, Michael Eckroth, Giovanni Mirabassi, Don Friedman, Antonio Zambrini, Eric Olsen, bassists Phil Palombi, Jesper Lungaard, Todd Coolman, Lee Hudson, Harvie S, Carmelo Leotta, Gianluca Renzi, Tim Ferguson, Morrie Louden, guitarists Tom Dempsey, Josh Breakstone, trumpeter Rick Savage and organist Mark Minchello among others.