【Perico Sambeat - Baladas】 (2011)★★★★☆


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スペインの、と言うよりは世界的なAltoistPerico Sambeatのバラッド集です。Pericoと言えば何と言っても93 年にBrad Mehldau Trioをバックにしたライブ作品で鮮烈な印象があります。バラッドだけでアルバム一枚をつくるのは、最後まで飽きないで聴いて頂ける作品を創るのは難しいのですが、さすがPerico、微妙な音のニュアンス、フレージングに変化をつけているあたり、まさにプロ中のプロ、真のミュージシャンシップを感じます。 


詩的な演奏を聴かせてくれるポルトガルのBernardo Sassetti、FreshSoundでもリーダー作を出すAlbert Sanzをピアノに迎えたワン・ホーン作品。ジャズ・イディオムにがっちり根ざした楽曲や、本人のオリジナル、そして、スペインのポピュラー・ソングも織り交ぜての全11曲。ここ数年の中で最も聴きごたえのあるバラード集だと思います。



Perico Sambeat (as,ss)

Bernardo Sassetti (p)

Albert Sanz (p)

Javier Colina (b)

Borja Berrueta (ds)

Recorded on 22 and 23, December, 2010


1.  I cover the waterfront (Heyman / Green)

2.  Maria de la O (Valverde Leon/Quiroga)

3.  Please tell me now (Clawson/Pope)

4.  Huella dell silencio (Perico Sambeat)

5.  Tu, mi Delirio (Cesar Portillo da la Luz)

6.  Los Aretes de la Luna (Jose Doleres Quinones)

7.  Noche Azul (Perico Sambeat)

8.  Deep Song (Cory/Cross)

9.  While my lady sleeps (Kaper / Kahn)

10. Flor de Perdiclon (Raul Diaz)

11. Cuando me Vaya (Juan Manel Serrat)

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Perico Sambeat "Baladas"


Perico Sambeat Quartet - Baladas



Will the times change and musicians too. Perico Sambeat back, but never went to the recording studio. Under his arm a new proposal. This is a job, now more lyrical, unhurried, seeking coveted melancholy ballads. For it has been surrounded by musicians recognized standard of our scenarios, Javier Colina, Borja Barrueta and Bernardo Sassetti. Standards While My Lady Sleeps like, boleros, You my delirium, When I Go by Joan Manuel Serrat, the folk María de la O and two precious items Perico own, Night Blue and Footprint of silence. With this charmed repertoire, Perico caresses the keys of his saxophone, so let your imagination. This is defined Sambeat Perico himself: "I remember I started to love jazz through his most impetuous: Fast Times fascinated me with his enormous energy. Gradually I came to appreciate this music in its most peaceful, enjoying the profound beauty and expressiveness that can communicate with the slow times. time later, got into in this world of music, I saw that despite the it may seem, is much more committed to playing a solo ballad that fast times. Make an album with that kind of stuff is something that has been latent in my projects for years. My selection from the world of American standards, boleros Cuban and Spanish music. The lyricism, musicality, deep sincerity, are some of the virtues of the musicians who accompany me this time, some old friends in this travel music. musical empathy I unites them is one of the most precious gifts that life has given me."