【Annie Kozuch - Here With You】(2012) ★★★★

(English follows Japanese)

NYで女優&Singerとして活躍中のAnnie Kozuchさん。"Singer"のほうは主にBroadwayでの活動だったようで、2005年には来日して東京シティ・フィルハーモニック管弦楽団と共演しています。最近はJazz方面に活動を移しているそうです。これが初リーダーアルバム。経歴・知名度にしては遅いほうですね。Mexico City出身のAnnieさんはTilingualだそうで、今作でも英語、スペイン語、ポルトガル語で歌っています。

実は彼女のことは全然知らなかったんですが、たまたまアメリカのJazz Websiteで試聴して、「お!イイ!この人誰?」となりました。「一目惚れ」ならぬ「一聴目惚れ」? 深みのある、BrilliantなAltoにメロメロにやられてしまいました。Openerはポルトガル語で歌うJobimの"C...hega De Saudade" ("No More Blues")。私が一番好きなJobim曲じゃないですか!素敵です!GuitaristのRichard PadronとFlute、SaxのCecilia Tenconi(女性)は生粋のBossa Nova奏者だそうで、これがまた素ン晴らしい。


Annie Kozuch: vocals
Frank Ponzio: piano
Saadi Zain: bass
Vito Lesczak: drums
Samuel Torres: percussion
Richard padron: guitar
Cecilia Tenconi: flute and saxophone
Jose Gallegos: electric piano.

1. Chega de Saudade
2. I Love Being Here With You
3. How Deep Is the Ocean
4. Corcovado - Quiet Nights
5. You've Changed
6. I'm Through With Love
7. Nosotros
8. Carinhoso
9. You're Getting To Be A Habit With Me
10. Who Can I Turn To
11. Somos Novios

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Nosotros - Annie Kozuch sings
Corcovado - Annie Kozuch sings

Trilingual Annie Kozuch was raised in Mexico City and took to show business early. A subject of screen as well as song, it is a surprise that Here With You is her first disc. She sings in all her languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese) on this recording, with the Portuguese song, Jobim's "Chega De Saudade" ("No More Blues") being the pick of the bunch. "Chega De Saudade" is considered, by many, to be the first Bossa Nova composition, having been recorded by Joao Gilberto in 1958. Guitarist Richard Padron and flautist Cecilia Tenconi make this a fully Bossa Nova experience. Breezy and sexy, Jobim's music could have only come from Southern Hemispheric climes, and Kozuch knows how to tap into the humidity. The gentle, swaying rhythm established by the band enables Kozuch to draw from the song all of the longing held in the lyrics,"Que ela regresse, porque eu não posso Mais sofrer" (..."let him come back; I can suffer no more").
C. Michael Bailey, All About Jazz

Annie Kozuch surrounded herself with a group of great musicians for this album, but there is no doubt who is the star here. Annie is not just another beautiful voice, she is a versatile singer capable of singing in different styles and languages. Annie sings Jobim Chega de saudade and Corcovado in perfect portuguese, and with the perfect feel for Bossa Nova. In I love being here with you Annie vocals are powerful and playful with the addition of some exquisite scats. In I'm through with love, You've changed and Irving Berlin How deep is the ocean, the music slow down so we can appreciate Annie feeling and different voice textures. Annie is a singer full of surprises, not only she sings in portuguese and english. She also sings perfectly in spanish, there is an explanation for that, Annie grew up in Mexico. So she must be familar with boleros like Nosotros and Armando Manzanero Somos novios. Being from Puerto Rico I also grew up listening to this kind of music. And Annie versions are as good as any other I've heard. Here with you also includes the enjoyable jazzy arrangement of Carinhoso, one of my favorites songs from brazilian composer Pixinguinha. Tracks: Chega de saudade, I love being here with you, How deep is the ocean, Corcovado/Quiet Nights, You've changed, I'm through with love, Nosotros, Carinhoso, You're gettin to be a habit with me, Who can I turn to, Somos novios
— Wilbert Sostre, JazzTimes

The fabulous singer, Annie Kozuch, will delight you with her debut album, "Here With You," comprised of exquisite Jazz/Bossa Nova songs. Right from the first track Kozuch voice is heard with a smooth and silky style and a vibrant energy that shimmers throughout this entire CD. Her vocal talents also include singing not only in English but in Spanish and Portuguese as well. The outstanding musicians that lend their talents to this CD are tight and solid as they complement Kozuch stunning vocals. The jazzy feel on the song, "I Love Being Here With You," is first rate as the piano, bass, and drums cascade around the charming vocals. Another song, "Corcovado-Quiet Nights," is Bossa Nova at its best as the rhythmic beat dances to the melodic lyrics. The vibrant and fun song, "You're Getting To Be A Habit With Me," has tight beats, entertaining lyrics, and vocals to match this upbeat song. The wonderful album, "Here With You," will surely please your palette for smooth Jazz/Bossa Nova music.
by Diane & the RadioINDY Team